Rapper Meek Mill
Rapper Meek Mill

The untraditional court order for rapper Meek Mill to attend etiquette class has called attention to manners in Hollywood. Meek Mill was ordered to take business and etiquette trainer after a judge and his attorney saw inappropriate tweets, bad probation management, and unpleasant behavior from the rapper. Entertainers and athletes misbehave all the time. Should all people in the public eye take etiquette class?

As an etiquette teacher and advocate for all things related to good manners is my hobby, I will try to look at this matter with an objective eye. I admit that etiquette class and manners training should be required by all middle schools and high schools. The word “etiquette” sometimes brings up a snobbish idea, but in reality etiquette is how you relate and treat the people around you.

Chad Johnson in court
Chad Johnson in court

If etiquette is simply how we behave and treat the people around us a mandatory class is not so bad. Let’s take a look at Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s behavior. He slams his wife’s head against the car dash-board. He then goes to court… does a little time. Gets out early and pats his attorney’s butt as a thank you… gets sent back to jail for a week for disrespectful behavior in court. How much time and money did this cost the ex NFL player and reality star? After his final release he stated he learned something that his parents never showed him… respecting other people.

Attorney, Kashta K. Eneas, Esq. stated, “I don’t think it [etiquette] should be mandated at all. I’m sure it could help, but for many, lack of etiquette is the least of their problems.”

Like Chad Johnson, many entertainers and athletes have not learned the rules of manners and etiquette at home due to their recognized extraordinary talents. Behavior problems are excused to focus on winning and/or making money.

Sean "Diddy" Combs
Sean “Diddy” Combs

Sean “Diddy” Combs, a master in the Hip-Hop and pop culture scene is requiring etiquette. Many performer think good etiquette will take the “real-ness” away from who they are, but on the contrary etiquette will help increase their brand by arming themselves with knowledge and relating to ALL people. Combs hired an etiquette coach to teach his Bad Boy staff manners. His new hire protocol includes learning how to hold a wine glass properly to presenting a business card in Japan.

In my wildest dreams etiquette and manners would be required for everyone, particularly people in the public eye. Young performers and athletes are thrust in front of the public and taken on a ride of extreme highs and drastic lows. It is their benefit to learn how to conduct themselves when they are climbing the ladder of success, promoting a hit record, or defending their character.

Hot Girl Etiquette Book Cover

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TTYL, Hotties

The holidays are in full swing. For me and my fellow single girls feeling lonely during the holiday season can cause us to lose our tact, our patience, and our etiquette. Just because you are spending the holiday season without a boyfriend or a hubby does not mean the season of giving is a bust. The next five weeks are a perfect time to show your family and friends how happy and thankful you are by practicing good etiquette. Here are four etiquette tips to shine this holiday season.

  1. Always dress the part. Looking your best is etiquette 101. When you care about your presentation it shows the world you care about who you are. Looking good makes you feel good. Dressing well can also push away the winter blues. Always leave the house with your hair done, make-up complete, and clothes fitting wonderfully. The leather, peplum, and lace fashions are too hot to ignore. Lastly, wear a smile. Your outer and inner beauty will sparkle.
  2. RSVP on time. Your friends, family, and co-workers want to see you whether you have  man by your side or not. RSVP by the due date so they can count you in on the holiday festivities. A lot of planning goes into making sure you have a great time at the event, but when people don’t inform the host of their presence it can cause a shortage of food, drinks, and an over crowded space. If you do bring a boo to the party make sure he is included as your +1.
  3. Don’t be holiday booty. You are a great person whether you are with a man or not. Don’t cuddle up with someone just to say you got somebody for New Year’s Eve and Christmas. Wait for that special someone. Instead team up with a fellow single girlfriend and hit the town together. The holidays are a perfect time to mix and mingle. Museums, restaurants, and bars have holiday events that you can meet someone new with your interest. Want to see if you are holiday booty? Click the link and check.
  4. Practice etiquette basics. We all get stressed out during the holidays, even if we are in a relationship. Buying gifts, looking for love, planning the new year can push us into a frenzy. You must remember to treat people the way you want to be treated. Saying “Please”, “Thank You”, and “You’re Welcome” is basic etiquette. Holding the door open for others, covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze are also respectful etiquette tips. People feed off of other people’s behavior, so be your best self and others will treat you the best.

Happy beginning of the holidays, Hotties.

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