Flyy Girls Etiquette To Getting The Engagement Ring You Want

The holiday season is about love, family, and New Year resolutions. No wonder so many couples get engaged during this time of year. When your beau presents you with the question and the ring you’re hoping you love it as much as you love him… this is a piece of jewelry you will be wearing for the rest of your life.

Well, here is the etiquette to getting your ideal ring.

1) Know his budget: Don’t beg for a five carat diamond when your boyfriend can only afford a one carat. Think of the wedding, a new home, a debt free future.

2) Show him designs of what you want. I know the movie always make the proposal a surprise. In reality most women like to take part in the style process.

f9c96fee04ed206c33bbff63d84a83733) Go “What-if” shopping for a ring together. Slide the several diamond shapes on, take measurement of your ring size, learn about clarity, cut, and color you can live with. Shopping for a ring can come before or after the proposal.

4) Just say it! Tell him (and your closest friend) the exact style you want. “I want a round cut diamond on a pave setting, white gold as the metal, please.”

Remember, be loving and confident with compassion. A proposal is a moment this is very high stress for a man. When you love him enough to say, “yes” you should love him enough to know the ring is a symbol and not the foundation.


How To Look Flyy In Sexy Lingerie

Flyy Girls in the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Flyy Girls in the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is tonight. Men and women will watch super models wear sexy lingerie artfully decorated with heels and wings. Victoria’s Secret wants you and your man to watch the show, then run out and buy some sexy little things to have fun in. If you’re anything like me, you love the idea of wearing lingerie and looking sexy for your man, but you don’t feel like you look as great as the models. Well, I’m here to tell you your man wants to see YOU in lingerie… not anyone else. Here are a couple of tricks to make you build your confidence.

  • Purchase some sexy lingerie: A matching panty and bra set, a teddy, or corset.
  • Prep the bedroom/house by dimming the lights or light some candles. Don’t forget some sexy music.
  • Get your body right. Cleans with a soft scented soap, then rub your body with glitter moisturizer. Do not use bronzer, it will rub on your sheets.
  • Slip on some high heels.
  • Let your man sit back, relax, and watch you glide across your catwalk into his arms.
  • Have fun!

Why Are Women Upset With Kim Kardashian For Breaking The Internet?

Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine CoverKim Kardashian and Paper Magazine planned to #BreakTheInternet with her fully exposed butt on the cover and a complete frontal nude image inside the magazine. I don’t know if Mrs. Kardashian-West broke the internet, but I do know she upset a lot of women (and maybe some men).

I’ve already written about loving your body and the female form, so I will not bore you with my views… just read my earlier post. A naked woman is nothing new. What is new is the diminished value of the female body and sex by a woman. Kim Kardashian is doing to herself (and all women) what men have been trying to get women to believe for years… You’re body is not a prize or anything special. 

In the reality of how the world works women have one bargaining chip with men, our bodies: We make less money (.25 cents less than men per dollar); we are physically weaker due to our biological build; and we have to give up 10 months of our body to give birth. If you don’t agree think back to when you first had sex. Did you fantasize and  contonplait how your first time would be? We all did.

Since childhood our mothers and fathers have told us not to “give it up” until we meet the right one, or until we are married. In high school we shame the “slut” who slept around. Why? Because like pennies we leave on the ground and on the corner store countertop, we don’t value something that is plentiful and easy to take and leave. Communities with the highest teen pregnancy rates are communities with more girls than boys. Young girls offer their bodies as a bargaining chip to get and keep a boyfriend.

So why are women upset with Mrs. Kardashian-West? By one woman “giving it up” easy, other women have less of a bargaining chip in life, therefore offering their bodies and sex in exchange for love, affection, and money. In due time it will be as valuable as that penny we step over or leave for someone else to take.


By now we have all seen Charlo Greene quit her KTVA reporting job on air in an effort to promote her new endeavor; legalizing medical marijuana in Alaska.

My hope is that she will be self-employeed, but may be unemployed, for a long time as a result of her less than eloquent exit. Ms. Greene may have her 15 minutes of fame, but the aftermath is many companies may not want to associate with her for years to come.

Charlo Greene quits her KTVA reporting job on air.
Charlo Greene quits her KTVA reporting job on air.

Flyy Girl has a better way to exit your job. Here are the do’s and don’t of quitting with class.

DO: Have another job or $$$ saved up. You should have six months of living expenses saved and/or a job comparable to your current job.

DON’T: Never quit because someone made you mad, you can’t stand your coworker, your boss is a slacker, etc. Focus on the relationship and why you are at that job.

DO: Assist in your exit plan. Do you have open projects? Complete those or help train a person to take it over.

DON’T: Bad mouthing your old employer is dumb. They were smart enough to hire you, and they were good enough for you to take the job, so shut your mouth. Bad mouthing your old employers make your new company and coworkers question what you say behind their backs.

DO: Leave on a high note. Make people wish and beg for you to come back. Bad news and bad behavior travels fast.


College student Etiquette
College student Etiquette

School is in full swing and our personal bounders and rules will be tested. Why? We are away from our parents for the first time in our lives. YOU are now in charge of making your own rules related to curfew, studying, food, men, and so much more.
Here are a few ‪#‎FlyyGirl‬ ‪#‎etiquette‬ tips to keep you on the path toward graduation.

1) Study! Study! Study!: For every 1 credit of class study 2 hours.

2) PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR: After you study and go to class you need a break. Parties are great for networking and releasing stress.

3) WORKOUT & EAT RIGHT: The freshman 15 is real.

4) DATE CASUALLY FOR TWO YEARS: Date as many college boys and beyond as you can. Don’t have sex… just date. You are a hot item right now; young, educated, and cute. Dating multiple men allows you to see what you do AND do not want in a husband.

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Work That Body: Gym Manners

Hot Girl Etiquette Gym MannersWhenever I am working out at the gym one childhood rhyme comes to mind…

“If you sprinkle while you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.”

Someone had written that phrase on the red wooden door in a slanted direction on the camp bathroom stall. It looked like a fallen stop sign, cautioning dirty little girls to wipe it up. It begged us to keep common areas clean.

I was eight when I first read it. Camp Mohawk is years behind me, but I still giggle when I think about those words. It reminds me to always clean up after myself when I cop a squat.

Now I want to yell my rhyme to the sweaty people at my local gym. I want to scream “If you sprinkle…” to those people who workout, stand up, and walk away from their pool of body sweat. They leave little sprinkles of sweat and never wipe it away… UGH!!! Gross!

Hot Girl Etiquette gym mannersWe know gym etiquette, right? Don’t talk on the phone. Do not take too long on machines when others are waiting. Wipe up your sweat. Done!In my book, the gym  only has one main etiquette rule: Clean up your sweat! No one wants your leftover wet germs.

If you sprinkle [sweat] on the machines wipe it away for the next person. It’s just common sense and common courtesy.

Keep calm, sweat on, clean it up.

TTYL, Hotties.

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Protesting Laws and Etiquette

Peaceful protesters for Trayvon Martin
Peaceful protesters for Trayvon Martin

Saturday night, July 13, 2013, I sat in my car and stared at my phone. Throughout the day I tried to stay occupied while waiting for the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman trial verdict to come in. I checked twitter, online news sites, and Facebook to stay abreast of any and all updates. Well, at 7:50pm I looked at my phone and wanted to cry. George Zimmerman, 29, was found not guilty for shooting unarmed, 17-year-old, Trayvon Martin.

Like many fellow Americans I followed the Martin family as they pushed for Zimmerman’s arrest and I watched the case unfold on television. I was saddened because I have a black father, two brothers, and three nephews. I was scared for them and all black men, women, and children who not only heard the verdict, but also translated that “Not Guilty” verdict into, “it is okay to shoot them (and me) because someone ‘fears’ me.” I felt physical pain in my heart. I started tuning my car radio dial to listen for local protest and stations taking phone calls from LA listeners.

As I listened to one person after the next call and complain about the verdict I decided I was going to take part in my first protest. Yeah, I had listened to leaders speak at parks, written a letter to my school principal to protest our dress code, and beeped my horn in support of other protesters on the street. I had never held a sign or chanted for equality. I didn’t know what to expect. The Trayvon Martin trial was dear to me and many other people, so I was not sure if other protesters planned to burn and loot buildings like the LA riots of 1992, following the acquittal of four police officers that brutally beat African-American, Rodney King.

NBA players for the Miami Heat stand with hoodies up in silent protest for Trayvon Martin
NBA players for the Miami Heat stand with hoodies up in silent protest for Trayvon Martin

If I planned to protest I was going to do it right. True to my type A personality, I researched my rights, the laws, and etiquette related to protesting (and a possible arrest). After watching several unruly Martin supports and protesters on the evening news jumping on cars and terrorizing other civilians I decided to share how you and I can have a peaceful but affective protest for Trayvon Martin… or anything you believe in.

Protest Do’s

  • Do know your rights. 1st Amendment protects your right to assemble and your right to free speech. You can hand out flyers, chant, beat a drum and dance. Wear your T-shirts, wave your flag and carry signs. You can even bring puppets (yup, you can have a PUPPET at a protest).
  • Do let people decline accepting flyers. Give people the choice to walk away or through the rally.
  • Do say what you want to support your values and gripes. You can criticize, swear, and yell about the government, officials, or a corporation. You CANNOT threaten violence or any bodily harm toward anyone or anything. Oh yeah, it’s against the law to threaten the president and vice president… your butt will land in jail with a federal charge.
  • You can protest ANYWHERE you want as long as it is public property, but you need a permit if you want to use the street, highway, or sidewalks.
  • You can attend a protest and heckle and yell that you disagree. Stay safe. The majority of the people at a protest agree with one view. If you plan to heckle make sure you have your facts and your get away plan.
  • Do have a trusted attorney on alert in case things go down hill.
A protest escalates to violence during a Los Angeles May Day event.
A protest escalates to violence during a Los Angeles May Day event.

Protest Don’t

  • DO NOT threaten violence or act in a violent or uncivilized way. The police are watching and you will be locked up. What voice will you have if you are in a tiny cell. Think about it!
  • Don’t abuse anyone, burn anything, threaten anyone or argue with police.
  • Avoid bringing guns, knives, pocket knives, or any weapon to a protest. You want people to come and hear your point of view. Weapons will only alarm them and fear violence.
  • Don’t stick around if a police office tells you to disperse. Calmly get his name and badge number to make a complaint and rectify the situation for the next protest.
  • Don’t forget your ID at home. Don’t carry a fake ID. Don’t for get valuable phone numbers. If you get arrested the police will ask for an idea and take all of your belongings… including your phone. You will need to legally ID yourself and make that one phone call for bail.
  • Try not to get arrested. If you do see the paddy wagon in the horizon go peacefully. Don’t fight the police. Like we saw on the Rodney King attack tape, the police have sticks and they will use them. They can also tase you bro., so choose to fight it in court.
  • Don’t stop and start with a protest. Find several peaceful ways to get your views heard (like the Miami Heat players in the picture above), by your local officials, news networks, and fellow people.

Go protest and be safe.

I can report that my first protest was calm and I loved being around people that shared my views.

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