Survive a winter storm without killing your family & friends.

The winter blizzard of 2015 makes me giddy when I think about staying home from work and watching beautiful white snow fall. But, as soon as a few hours pass I begin to catch cabin fever. I wonder how I’m going to survive hours and days stuck in the house with my family. Ugh, the terror. Well, if you’re anything like me you will appreciate my tools for surviving a snow storm with your family.

⛄️ Stock the house with goodies: Food, games, movies, firewood, wine (for adults), hot cocoa, and candles. People are happiest when busy, distracted, warm, and full.
️Avoid arguing at all cost. Cabin fever will hit after a day of being stuck inside. You and your housemates will get annoyed with each other, it’s okay. Breathe, grab a cookie and a drink.
⛄️ Keep birth control handy… if you’re not planning to get pregnant. Keeping cozy during a storm results in fall babies.
Get a full tank of gas in your car. When the roads are clear you will want to get out for some new scenery or restock on food.



One thought on “Survive a winter storm without killing your family & friends.”

  1. Excellent tips! I started cracking up while reading your third point – Keep birth control handy – because after the “snowpocalypse” hit the east coast a few years ago hospitals said there were a spike in “snow babies” (I guess people weren’t just making “snow men” – lol). Great post! I love the winterized bullet points – too cute!

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