Flyy Girls Etiquette To Getting The Engagement Ring You Want

The holiday season is about love, family, and New Year resolutions. No wonder so many couples get engaged during this time of year. When your beau presents you with the question and the ring you’re hoping you love it as much as you love him… this is a piece of jewelry you will be wearing for the rest of your life.

Well, here is the etiquette to getting your ideal ring.

1) Know his budget: Don’t beg for a five carat diamond when your boyfriend can only afford a one carat. Think of the wedding, a new home, a debt free future.

2) Show him designs of what you want. I know the movie always make the proposal a surprise. In reality most women like to take part in the style process.

f9c96fee04ed206c33bbff63d84a83733) Go “What-if” shopping for a ring together. Slide the several diamond shapes on, take measurement of your ring size, learn about clarity, cut, and color you can live with. Shopping for a ring can come before or after the proposal.

4) Just say it! Tell him (and your closest friend) the exact style you want. “I want a round cut diamond on a pave setting, white gold as the metal, please.”

Remember, be loving and confident with compassion. A proposal is a moment this is very high stress for a man. When you love him enough to say, “yes” you should love him enough to know the ring is a symbol and not the foundation.


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