Why Are Women Upset With Kim Kardashian For Breaking The Internet?

Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine CoverKim Kardashian and Paper Magazine planned to #BreakTheInternet with her fully exposed butt on the cover and a complete frontal nude image inside the magazine. I don’t know if Mrs. Kardashian-West broke the internet, but I do know she upset a lot of women (and maybe some men).

I’ve already written about loving your body and the female form, so I will not bore you with my views… just read my earlier post. A naked woman is nothing new. What is new is the diminished value of the female body and sex by a woman. Kim Kardashian is doing to herself (and all women) what men have been trying to get women to believe for years… You’re body is not a prize or anything special. 

In the reality of how the world works women have one bargaining chip with men, our bodies: We make less money (.25 cents less than men per dollar); we are physically weaker due to our biological build; and we have to give up 10 months of our body to give birth. If you don’t agree think back to when you first had sex. Did you fantasize and  contonplait how your first time would be? We all did.

Since childhood our mothers and fathers have told us not to “give it up” until we meet the right one, or until we are married. In high school we shame the “slut” who slept around. Why? Because like pennies we leave on the ground and on the corner store countertop, we don’t value something that is plentiful and easy to take and leave. Communities with the highest teen pregnancy rates are communities with more girls than boys. Young girls offer their bodies as a bargaining chip to get and keep a boyfriend.

So why are women upset with Mrs. Kardashian-West? By one woman “giving it up” easy, other women have less of a bargaining chip in life, therefore offering their bodies and sex in exchange for love, affection, and money. In due time it will be as valuable as that penny we step over or leave for someone else to take.

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