College student Etiquette
College student Etiquette

School is in full swing and our personal bounders and rules will be tested. Why? We are away from our parents for the first time in our lives. YOU are now in charge of making your own rules related to curfew, studying, food, men, and so much more.
Here are a few ‪#‎FlyyGirl‬ ‪#‎etiquette‬ tips to keep you on the path toward graduation.

1) Study! Study! Study!: For every 1 credit of class study 2 hours.

2) PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR: After you study and go to class you need a break. Parties are great for networking and releasing stress.

3) WORKOUT & EAT RIGHT: The freshman 15 is real.

4) DATE CASUALLY FOR TWO YEARS: Date as many college boys and beyond as you can. Don’t have sex… just date. You are a hot item right now; young, educated, and cute. Dating multiple men allows you to see what you do AND do not want in a husband.

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