Work That Body: Gym Manners

Hot Girl Etiquette Gym MannersWhenever I am working out at the gym one childhood rhyme comes to mind…

“If you sprinkle while you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat.”

Someone had written that phrase on the red wooden door in a slanted direction on the camp bathroom stall. It looked like a fallen stop sign, cautioning dirty little girls to wipe it up. It begged us to keep common areas clean.

I was eight when I first read it. Camp Mohawk is years behind me, but I still giggle when I think about those words. It reminds me to always clean up after myself when I cop a squat.

Now I want to yell my rhyme to the sweaty people at my local gym. I want to scream “If you sprinkle…” to those people who workout, stand up, and walk away from their pool of body sweat. They leave little sprinkles of sweat and never wipe it away… UGH!!! Gross!

Hot Girl Etiquette gym mannersWe know gym etiquette, right? Don’t talk on the phone. Do not take too long on machines when others are waiting. Wipe up your sweat. Done!In my book, the gym  only has one main etiquette rule: Clean up your sweat! No one wants your leftover wet germs.

If you sprinkle [sweat] on the machines wipe it away for the next person. It’s just common sense and common courtesy.

Keep calm, sweat on, clean it up.

TTYL, Hotties.

Hot Girl Etiquette Book Cover

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