Sexy Beach Etiquette for the Hot Girl in You

Elle Macpherson practicing beach etiquette with sunblock, sun safe hat, and a great bikini.
Elle Macpherson practicing beach etiquette with sunblock, sun safe hat, and a great bikini.

“Summer, summer, summertime…. Havin’ fun. I just sit back and unwind.” Aahhhh yeah. Say what you want about Will Smith and his rap technique, but Summertime is a classic. I bet you’re humming the lyrics now. Summertime brings a carefree spirit. Memories of lounging at the beach with friends and family reunions always come to my mind. I also love how I can pack away the winter coat and slip on a bikini and a mini skirt. Oh, the warm summer air brings out my sexier side.

If you admit that the hot sun makes you want to peel away your winter blues, I can tell you how to shine like the bronziest shimmer powder. Summer etiquette is all you need.

Bikini Ready: When prepping the body for little to nothing material you should master hair removal. Waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal salons must be part of your monthly routine. Body hair peeking out of a swimsuit or a tank top will only tell the world you are lazy with your hygiene. Hot Girl Etiquette covered pubic coiffing in a previous post. Click here to see down under designs.

Next, get that summer glow with benefits. Yeah, relaxing in the sun is great for vitamin D, but going to a spray tan salon will work wonders.  A spray tan is healthier for your body because you will not cook your skin and avoids the risk of skin cancer. Plus, a spray tan specialist can sculpt your body. Tanning salons can “create” a six-pack, cleavage, and toned legs… HELLO! Models do it all the time. It’s time you start doing it too.

Sexy Swimwear: Get a well-fitting swimsuit, Hotties! Bathing suits should hug your body without making extra skin squeeze out the top of your elastic band. Swimwear comes in all cuts and sizes, so the pencil thin and the pair shape woman can look like an hour-glass Marilyn Monroe frolicking on the beach with Joe DiMaggio. Keep trying on swimwear. Don’t be a label snob. Designer swimsuits are not made for everyone. It is a daunting task, but your reward will be a couple of cat calls during your ocean side stroll. Oh yeah, don’t forget your fun and sexy cover-up.

WRONG: Stripper heels, handbag, ill fitting swimsuit, and over baked.
Shauna Sand is all WRONG: Stripper heels, handbag, ill-fitting swimsuit, and over baked.

Heel to Toe Beachwear: I previously stated I feel sexier in warm weather, but know this Hotties, sexy is not impractical and wearing heels to the beach is. No matter how sexy I feel I have never worn high heel shoes in the sand or close to the beach — tacky, tacky. Wearing high heel shoes to the beach is the epitome of trying too hard. Unless your yacht is docked close and you are about to join a champagne soiree´ nix the heels. Instead, make sure your toes are polished a soft summer shade, add some toe rings or ankle jewelry, and slip on your flip-flops. Once on the sand lose your flips to avoid kicking sand on sunbathers.

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  1. Great advice plus awesome example pics to drive the points home! I wish I had this info 2 weeks ago in Venezuela. Thanks for wonderful beach tips!

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