Mother’s Day Etiquette

Hot Girl Etiquette Mothers Day EtiquetteI don’t know about you, but I loves my mama (Paula Jai Parker voice in Friday). I also know my mother loves me with all her heart. She loves me because she worked hard to put food on the table and clothes on my back. She disciplined me when I was wrong and celebrated my successes. My mother also revealed she was not perfect, but a work in progress.

All of us do not have a mother in our lives, but we all have a woman who took a moment to make each of us a better person. Recognize that woman on Mother’s Day. Mother’s day is Sunday, May 13. The proper etiquette is to thank her for doing a thankless job. Flowers, candy, scarves, quality time are gifts a mother or mother figure would love.

For all the men who do not get along with the mothers of their children, thank her. The women who cannot stand the sight of their mothers-in-law (vice versa), thank her. For the people who have mothers who should have tried harder and be a loving parent, thank her. Give a card. Society gave us one day to acknowledge the gift of life from a willing woman. The woman you can’t stand birthed you, someone you love, or the person you fell in love with.

Acknowledging a great deed is classy and proper etiquette.

Etiquette for the Mothers

Hot Girl Etiquette Mothers Day Etiquette with SonsEtiquette for the mothers who have married children. As a mom and wife recognize that your child has a partner with another set of parents. Pressure to cater to you and your needs will only put a wedge in your relationship. Give your married children some wiggle room to honor you and their new in-laws.

Mom’s, expect your son to honor and cater to his wife and the mother of his children before you. You raised him a good man and a great father. A good man takes care of home and stands by his wife.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the women that helped me be a better person.

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