Hot Girls Guide to Gay Etiquette

Hot Girl Etiquette LGBT emoticonsGay and lesbian rights have been the center of attention for the past several months. You can find a new story related to gay equality as a headline in almost every national newspaper. In March the U.S. Supreme Court heard two days of historic arguments over marriage equality. Former President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, now wants it over turned because he believes it is unconstitutional. Many community programs, leaders, and politicians, including President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are speaking out to support LGBT rights and same-sex marriage equality.

The United States is going through civil and political change with the LGBT community. Every hot girl with etiquette knows how to take part in lively discourse, so now is the time to brush up on etiquette related to lesbian, transgender and the G.B. in between.

LGBT: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

Transgender: A person that identifies and has characteristics that is typically related to the opposite sex.

Prop 8: California ballot proposition eliminating the right for same-sex couple to marry.

DOMA: Defense of Marriage Act, signed in 1996, restricted federal marriage benefits and required inter-state marriage recognition to only heterosexual marriages.

Don’t Ask: Don’t ask if someone is gay. If they want you to know they will show you or tell you.

Words and terms you should banish from your vocabulary: Faggot, fag, so gay, queer, lesbo, flamer, homo, etc. and a plethora of other terms and words I don’t know. Be respectful whether you are talking to straight people or gay no matter what your position on the subject is. Etiquette 101 is treat people the way you want to be treated.

Partner, Lover, Friend: Don’t address a same-sex couple as “friends.” If two women live together as partners say partners. No one really uses the term “lover” except for Carrie on Sex and the City, so don’t label a partner or friend as a lover unless the people involved approve.

Sexual Questions: Prying into someones sex life is soooooo gross. That’s almost as uncomfortable as my dad asking be about my sex life. He has not and I would DIE!!!! If you want to know how same-sex couples have sex (make love) look it up on the internet. The internet is full of porn as a teaching tool. Watching a video makes you squeamish? You can do a search for a written explanation.

I know a gay guy: Telling a gay person you know another gay person is kinda lame. It’s 2013, we all know someone gay, lesbian, or bisexual. Making a statement like that only puts you in the “uncomfortable to be around” club.

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    1. i agree with April! Love that! I showed this to my gay bestie (LOL). He said, “she’s got everything on here!” which he followed with, “It’s like when people try to hook you up because they know a ‘gay guy’ …it’s not a club like they NRA.” Great post by you.

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