Spring Break Etiquette

Spring Break Hot Girl EtiquetteI am several years away from celebrating the coming of spring break, but I still feel excited (and a little shame) when I think about my college spring vacations. I still kept my etiquette and common sense in tact, but I did push the boundaries of safety and risque´  behavior. I promise you, I was not the wild and crazy girl in a wet T-shirt contest. But, I did learn what a body shot is while shaking my thang on a bar in Jamaica.  Soooooo, I am not going to give you some long and lame “Do and Don’t” list. I think etiquette hints will help you have a blast without regrets.

  1. You’re going to get wasted. That is what Spring Break is all about, but a hot chick with etiquette is going to keep her clothes on. Hot girls with etiquette know they are hot and don’t need to peel away the bikini to prove to college guys they are worth a second look. So, skip the wet T-shirt contest. Keep on your bra’s, bikini’s, and shorts. Once a man see’s you have no control its’ pictures, hit it and quit it for you.
  2. Again… You are going to get wasted. Don’t drunk dial your ex, your parents, your current hook-up boo, or anyone. Listen to the one sane friend in your group. Keep your phone in your room or only use it to snap pictures of you and your friends. College age means kinda mature and drunk dialing makes you look like a baby that cannot handle the bottle.
  3. Spring break memories must be recorded. So when you and your pals pull out the iPhone video and camera don’t gossip about other friends, pose nude, or do anything that you will regret when you return home/campus. You don’t want your risque´ business to end up on the Facebook or other social networks.
  4. Reality Bites!!! After graduating from college (and four spring breaks) I lost touch with some friends and left the carefree lifestyle behind. Too many young women find out the hard way that scantily clad pictures and stories can follow you into your demanding real life job. As a result rumors prevail and pictures get you fired. The reality is your boss wants to know he/she hired a professional person that represents their company well. If you cannot represent yourself and your family name well, do not think a company  will take a chance on you.

While on spring break have a great time, but don’t lose your head, your morals, or your clothes.

**For goodness sake stay off of Girls Gone Wild.

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