Ex- Etiquette for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries split
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries split

Nothing is more heartbreaking than a breakup or divorce, so why is the media, team Kardashian and team Humpries, exploiting their failed attempt at love.

We all know reality show star and home movie actress, Kim Kardashian was married to famous NBA basketball player, Kris Humphries for 72 days. Though the marriage was brief, the separation process has taken over a year… That’s more than 3 times the length of their marriage.

The media and their families have given their opinions about the feuding couple and their divorce on television and every gossip magazine in print. People that do not know the couple have given statements to hurry up and end the divorce but what is proper etiquette when dealing with a feuding couple going through a breakup, divorce, or annulment?

Advice 1: Stay out of it! When people are going through a split they always seek advice and they always bash the other person. Don’t join in the I hate him party. Just keep asking how did his cheating or moving out make you feel. Get the emotions out on the table, so the pain or betrayal can be talked about rather than the ex. You can also address the bad behavior. Sharing how much you hated her ex is not going to make her feel better. It may make her start defending him and ultimately running her back into his arms.

Advice 2: Don’t give advice you wouldn’t do. I once got advice to call a guy that recently broke up with me. LOL!!! I never regretted anything so much. My friend gave me her best advice to help ease my pain. But, the truth is if the tables turned she probably would not have done so. We always want to make people happy and stop the pain, but sometimes the best advice is telling the person to accept it and move on.

Advice 3: SHUT UP! Don’t be the bearer of bad news. I know, some breakup stories are too good and too juicy to keep to yourself. I get it. I heard a story about a person and the mistress hiding in the house to confront their cheating beau. YES!! As entertaining and shocking as it is, spreading the story and GOSSIPING is tacky. Your behavior will show your passion for dirt and will only prove that you are not a trustworthy friend.

When a friend is going through a breakup or divorce the best thing to do is pull out some ice cream, order chinese food, and just listen.

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