Valentine’s Day Etiquette

Hot Girl Valentines

The world has created a few special days for women… wedding days, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day. All of these occasions make women feel important and loved. But few days make a woman feel more loved than Valentine’s Day. February 14 is the only day without prerequisites. You do not need to have children and you don’t have to get engaged and spend thousands of dollars to be treated like a princess. The only requirement is to be a lovable person.

Being a lovable person on Valentine’s Day sounds easy, but our high expectations can make the day for love turn into the night of hell. All it takes is a bad gift or a poor response. Valentine Day etiquette can extend the loving feeling through the remaining 320 days of the year.

Always give a gift that is appropriate. If you have been dating a person for less than three months do not give a gift that is intimate or personal. Your relationship is new, so gifts that relate to sex are a BIG NO. Since you’re the new girl people are going to ask him what he got from you. You want him excited to share with his family and friends… no man is going to tell the world you got him tongue heating massage oil or Hustler® thongs.

Didn’t get what you wanted? Don’t pout or complain the entire night. Before shedding tears ask yourself three questions. Did he try? Does this gift reflect you, but you just do not want it? Is it romantic… just not your type of romance? If you answered yes to any of those questions give him a break. He tried. There is nothing worse than a grown woman acting like a spoiled brat. If your valentine was thoughtless, rethink dating him at all. Drop any man who does not appreciate you. His loss! Move on! Some other man is out there waiting to sweep you off your feet and would give you the world.

Be unique. Buy your handsome man flowers. I bet your valentine will never see it coming and will really appreciate the effort. Roses are dyed blue, so get him one blue rose to show him you’ve got game.

Don’t be cheap. Men want to put a smile on your face. They spend their hard-earned money so you can have a romantic evening. They spend hundreds of dollars to make you feel beautiful and loved. Don’t be cheap and just get him a card. If that is all you can afford, then fine. But, if you can give more buy him a scarf, the shaving cream he loves, give him love coupons for a massage anytime (and follow through). If you give him a $2 card and a hug expect the same or less next Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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