Modern Day Etiquette 101

Modern EtiquetteWhat does modern day etiquette really mean? We all know the basics: Cover your mouth when coughing, don’t talk with food in your mouth, say “please” and “thank you.” But, living in todays society is much more complicated than the basics. We communicate through texting, social media, email, and rarely talk face to face. We “date” in groups or hook-up when convenient. The modern woman is spending more time working toward an MBA than her M-r-s.

Lets face it, the modern woman is tackling more than just living the fabulous life in style. History was made this past election with 20 women holding senate seats. We also read the New York Times article The End of Courtship?, discussing how young women and men “date” today. Let’s also throw in the Manti Te’o never seen before dead girlfriend cover up…. Emily post never expected this when writing her prim and proper etiquette advice. So, what now? How do we carry on with style and grace?

I’m here to help with my take on etiquette for the modern girl.

  •  My cell phone is my life, so I don’t give out my phone number to people I don’t know (including online sites). You don’t want to receive sales and phishing text. You also don’t want to dodge calls from men you really are not interested in.
  • Know your modern history. The world is changing everyday. We have our first African-American president. The United States first openly gay female senator is serving. 2012 brought the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the rise of DOMA. When you walk into a party or meet a person have something to say.
  • Say “Thank you” at Starbucks. I know you are paying them for a drink and they are busy with a long line, but that’s no excuse for rudeness. Get off your phone, place your order eye to eye, and throw in a “please” and “thank you.”
  • Wear clothes that fit your body type and create an image. Presentation is everything. Don’t believe me? Go to your next interview with a stained and wrinkled shirt. I promise, you will not get that job. Be aware of your image and how you present yourself to the world. Looking good shows that you feel good.
  • Control your “status.” The world does not have to know your every move. Twitter and Facebook are fun ways to keep up with friends and share your feelings. Limit your complaints, attacks, and rants about other people, life and society. bad behavior online and bad behavior in person have the same results… people will avoid you!

Stay classy, Hotties.

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