Your Holiday Etiquette Checklist

Checkmark made in a checkbox with a black pen on a sheet of white paper.Today is 12.12.12, and you know what that means. No, we are not nine days away from the end of the world, but we are closer to holiday deadlines. The word deadline gets me all frazzled. My frazzled state gets even worse when I attach my deadline to the holidays. Why, you ask? Christmas holiday is synonymous with making people happy. I want to make everyone in my life happy during the holiday season. I know that is close to impossible, but I try.

Most of you are like me during the holiday season. We run around trying to find the perfect gift. We attend every party. We try to spend quality time with family and friends that we miss most of the year. To help ease the tension that is building within your body I created a checklist for you. This Holiday Etiquette Checklist will help you stay organized, feel calm, and enjoy the holiday season.

  1. Mail those holiday cards. Include Happy New Year, in case it arrives after Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanza.
  2. RSVP and attend every party you REALLY want to attend. Say no to the events you do not want to go to. We are too old to mope around parties with people we do not want to see. Stay home unless it is a work related/networking party. If the world does end on December 21, 2012 at least you spent your last days doing what makes you happy with people who had joy to your day.
  3. Make a budget for each gift. The holidays are not about going into debt. Budget your money so you have enough to save, pay bills, and buy gifts. Give yourself a cap no matter how much money other people are spending on you.
  4. Workout! Going to the gym and working that body relieves stress and will help control your holiday bulge.
  5. Tip generously, if you can. Service people make the least, work most holidays, and want to serve you well. Give a little extra money and less attitude.
  6. Put a smile on a face. Be polite and spread holiday cheer with cards attached to a candy cane or a Hershey Kiss. You are sure to brighten a persons day with your thoughtful attitude.
  7. Don’t forget QT. Quality time for yourself is just as important as spending time with your loved ones. You cannot give your best self if you are not at your best. Rest, relax, and don’t forget to get a little gift for you.

Happy Holidays, Hotties

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