4 Reason to FALL for You

The fall season is in full swing.

I pulled out my sweaters and new leather leggings,  traded my ice tea for a Starbucks apple cider, and dusted off the crock pot for my meal extravaganza… Yum! Yes, I have a little old lady trapped inside of me that loves to make fabulous meals over an eight-hour time frame… and I call it an EXTRAVAGANZA. I don’t cook elaborate meals often- it’s an extravaganza!  But, I digress. This blog is about you welcoming fall with a bang. Or maybe with a release of “Aaaaahhhh, yesssss”.

This fall is all about YOU. You looking good.  You feeling good. You catering to Y-O-U. How many people tell you that we have a few months out of the year designated to you, you, you? Let me be the first. Here’s to you Hotties.

The following are 4 reasons to FALL for you

  1. Scrub off the summer sand: Book yourself a spa day. Get a facial, body scrub, and a much-needed massage. If spas are not your thing, turn your bathroom into a tranquil room with candles, a hot bath, and soothing body exfoliant. Don’t forget the music to set the mood. Scrubbing off that sun damaged layer will bring out  soft supple skin for fall.
  2. Lower the highlights and fade the tan: The hot summer sun is replaced with falling leaves and crisp air, your deep tan body and highlights are a lil’ out of place. Ask your stylist to tone down the streaks to give your hair a warmer look. This will soften your face since it will lose its color. Just because you’re not lounging on the beach it doesn’t mean you have to lose your glow. Replace the full body tanning with bronzer to keep your glowing skin. My favorite bronzer is MAC Cosmetics Bronzing Powder. Liquid and powder bronzer still hides imperfections on the face and body, AND stops the summer leather look.
  3. Get a good book or sexy movie, and a glass of wine: While you are relaxing you will need a good book. Of course I recommend Hot Girl Etiquette e-book, but you can pull out your favorite fantasy books, like Fifty Shades of Grey- if you haven’t already read it. If you would rather watch a movie, go for Magic Mike, featuring Channing Tatum. Oh yeah!
  4. Go shopping: Now that you are feeling relaxed and beautiful go shopping. This year fashion has a lot of lady-like and sexy pieces. Peplum tops, which is a Kim Kardashian fave, shows off your figure; leather leggings in rich colors like oxblood and deep green; sexy lace dresses; and plush fur vest are the items to die for this fall.
Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

Ttyl, Hotties


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