Creating Inner Peace

Think back to when you were a child. Remember the little you at seven or eight waking up in the morning. What was your first thought? Like many children, I’m sure you hopped out of bed, raced to the television to watch cartoons or grab a bowl of cereal and your favorite toy. You never questioned if that toy would break today or if your favorite cartoon would be canceled. You just lived… in the moment.

Now, think about your thoughts when you opened your eyes this morning. Did you think about bills, your job, or people you wanted to avoid? Do you question what’s going to break today and what unexpected problem will arise to ruin your life? Don’t you want to live in the moment again?

Lately I’ve been watching children and trying to remember how carefree life felt. I must admit, my childhood included many trials and tribulations, but each day felt like a day I could have fun and feel good. That wonderful feeling of endless possibilities is my inner peace. What gives you that child-like inner peace?

As an actor we are always told to “play” like a child. When you are a child you rarely second guess yourself, you don’t mind falling, and you always dream the outrageous dream. I tried jumping from the top of a bookcase with plastic grocery bags on my arms in an attempt to fly. I jumped several times and “flew”… At least my sister and brother told me I was flying. I never questioned if the attempt made sense. I took a leap of faith and attempted to make the impossible possible.

I want you to create that inner peace, where you don’t care if you fail. I want you to shut up the voices in your head that stop you from dreaming big dreams. Join a dance class, go to Color Me Mine once a week, or go paint-balling and kite flying with your own children. Find your joy that’s all your own. Of course you will struggle sometimes, but you must dare to fail, fail again, and try again.

Inner peace comes from living.

Enjoy your week, Hotties

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