Women, Sex, and Cheating

Us Weekly Magazine reveals the cheating story of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison

Say it ain’t so. Twilight super couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have broken up. For all my readers that do not follow Us Weekly, “Robsten” split after the paparazzi caught Stewart, 22, canoodling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director  (and married with two children) Rupert Sanders, 44. Sad and bad choices all around, but I always try to find the learning experience in all of this… mess.

Being a “Hot Girl” (really just being female) you always have the opportunity to cheat on your mate or cheat with someone attached, because we are always hit on. Of course, being a Hot Girl with Etiquette you turn it down. But, what makes some of our fellow women cheat? A recent study by Indiana University in Bloomington found that women cheat about the same rate as men. The difference between the sexes stem from why we cheat. A woman normally cheats because she feels unfulfilled in her relationship, and/or because she is unhappy with her mates sexual performance in the bedroom and doesn’t share the same sexual beliefs.

We all know that cheating is wrong and I am not a relationship counselor, so my advice is to seek relationship counseling alone and/or with your mate so you both can learn how to have a fulfilling relationship with yourself and with each other.

Hot Girl Etiquettes role in preventing cheating is by helping you be a lady in the bedroom and not a scared little girl. Many women are sexually unsatisfied, but there is no reason to sneak behind your man back… Just ask for what you want. This is where etiquette comes in handy.

The following are tips to help you keep sex in your own bedroom and with your own man.

  • While you are in the sack tell your boo how and where to touch, by guiding his hands, head, and everything else.
  • Talk dirty to him. Tell him what you want with a breathy, panting voice and a smile. If you love it… REEEALLY LOVE IT. If it’s good say THIS IS GOOD. Men want to know they are making you happy.
  • If your dude does something unpleasant don’t chastise him like a little boy, simply move him back to right spot or tell him it hurts. You can also adjust your body so you can find your spot.
  • Don’t bring the sexually complaints to the kitchen table. When talking about your dislikes in bed out of bed it’s only going to make him feel insecure.
  • Lastly, Just do it! Keep having sex. Studies show couple who have a happier relationship and sex life have sex  a lot. Even when you don’t feel like doin’ the nasty do it. Your man wants to watch television? Cat crawl across that couch potato. You’re washing dishes? Stop and get freaky on the kitchen floor. It takes effort and work, but your happy home and healthy relationship will thank you for it.

’til next time hotties, keep it classy.

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