Sexy Summer and Beach Etiquette

Summer, summer, summer time…

I want to shed my clothes and lie at the beach when the weather gets hot. In Malibu there is a great little place called Paradise CoveI can lounge on the private beach, enjoy a full bar and restaurant, and listen to music . Paradise Cove even sends out tweets to let everyone know to come on over. Sounds wonderful, right? Well, I love Paradise Cove along with thousands of other LA peeps and Malibu babes.

Needless to say the Cove gets packed on beautiful days, like any other wonderful beach. Don’t fret! I created an etiquette Do and Don’t guide, so you can relax at the beach without disturbing your fellow beach goers. Oh, I would suggest passing this information along to your friends and printing out copies to hand out at the beach so everyone has a sexy summer with classy beach etiquette.


Jessica Biel bikini sexy with beach hair

Wear appropriate beach attire. Revealing swimwear just looks like you’re trying too hard. I’m not against thongs… just have the body for it is all I’m saying.

Lather on the sunblock. I use Neutragina 100 SPF matte on my face and neck, while my body gets 30-50 SPF. Though reports say anything higher than 30-45 SPF doesn’t give more protection against the sun, we often do not apply enough sunblock or do not reapply often enough, so higher SPF are always suggested.

Get sexy beach hair, not over done hair and make-up. Your make-up will melt off and you can’t relax if you’re trying to keep your hair in place. Braid your hair or wear waves like, Jessica Biel.

Bring water, snacks, music and alcohol (if the beach allows it), NOT your dog unless you live close. Most of us enjoy pooches, but not stepping in crap buried in the sand. Also, I don’t think dogs like sitting in the hot sun.

Make friends by not setting up shop too close. Find a good spot  so you have enough room to move around your blanket without getting sand on everyone around you.


Beach Bad Behavior

Don’t get so drunk you lose control on the beach.

Please don’t harass the other hot women and men around you. We all know we don’t wear much to the beach, but it makes it uncomfortable when a stranger is imagining you naked or is talking too much (bring out the iPod headphones).

What you bring to the beach you take from the beach. Don’t leave your trash behind. Everyone wants to enjoy nature: clean sand and water.

Don’t get mad at your boo because he/she looks at the other beautiful bodies on the beach. The jealousy rant is so high school. As long as he/she is not being the pervert lurking behind sunglasses, your insecurities should stay tucked away.

ttyl, Hotties


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