One Nighter Sex Etiquette

On our journey to meeting our perfect soul mate we always make pit stops and wrong turns. Those wrong turns lead us to Loserville and the dark winding road of Going Nowhere Relationship Avenue. If you are wise, you’ll only make one pit stop at One Night Stand Town. I realize some of us don’t plan on having a one night stand. It just happened with a “friend” or, you and some guy hit it off so well the night before… then you never heard from him again. Hey, he may still be pursuing you and you have no interest since his feet smell so bad. Whatever! Who know’s and who cares? I’m really indifferent about another persons sex life. But if you are going to make the pit stop in One Night Stand Town be safe and do it with class.

Safety First

If you don’t know this person go to a neutral or safe place and take your own car. I’ve heard story of  a man going home with a woman he met at a club, and she sets him up to rob him. Imagine… taking off your clothes to get a lil dirty with a hottie and then 3 guys jump out from the closet only to take your wallet, jewelry, and anything else you have to offer. This situation is 100% scarier for women. Once you are on his turf (his car, house, neighborhood) you’re stuck with no sense of direction and a way out. Lets not even image three guys jumping out of a closet. So choose your own place or a familiar neutral location.

Bring Your Own Supply

Have your Hot Girl Kit ready. We know when we are in the mood to give some lovin’ to a guy. When you think you are at that point bring your supply kit: a mini purse with condoms, travel conditioner, make-up remover pads, deodorant, clean panties and a ponytail holder. This kit will get you through the night and the next day. How? The condoms (why ask, you know); Conditioner can detangle your bed-head and works as a shaving cream; Make-up remover can clean away mascara smudges and keeps skin clean. You don’t want a 7 day pimple for a 1 night man; Deodorant keeps you fresh; Clean panties are a must.

Avoid The Walk of Shame

My suggestion is to rise and shine early and get out with all your stuff. Don’t make lame excuses to see him again by leaving things behind. But, if you want to cuddle and plan your future children over brunch, get creative with your clothing. I always have a change of shoes and a casual top in my car (it’s an actor thing for last-minute auditions, I swear). You should keep a cute T-shirt, flip-flops, or a skirt/dress in your car. You don’t want to walk around in a sequins mini skirt and 4 inch heels on Sunday morning. People know you don’t wear that to church and you’ll reek of an all-nighter. Bring a change of clothes, leave them in your car and see if he invites you to spend the day together getting to know each other more than you already do. Below are two option for sexy and easy “night after” looks.

Splendid maxi skirt dress
Men’s Button-Down Shirt Turned Dress by Jasmine Annnnn

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