5 Ways To Look Good Naked

Most of us have had this nightmare: We are naked in front of  our class, at work, or just out in public with complete strangers. Ugh! Though we will never experience standing completely nude in public we still have the fear of eyes on our naked bodies, even if those eyes are our loving partners.

As you all know I don’t pose nude, but I have done plenty of little to nothing swimwear shoots. Included in that is the constant wardrobe change with people you don’t know, auditions in bikinis, and dancing with 4 inch heels in a bra-like top. With all that, like you I still feel a little insecure about people looking and judging my body. I just found ways to hide my imperfections and fake confidence.

Here are my 5 tips on looking hot and feeling good naked…

  1. Fix the Little Things: Keep those nails looking good and those pubes in place. Get a manicure and pedicure regularly. If your hands and feet look good you are going to feel good about them and not hide cracked and chipped nails. Trim that pubic hair. Whether you like a forest or a scorched earth, keep your bikini line clean and organized.
  2. Go Big: When you want to look good naked do your hair like you are going to the club, not like you just got out of the shower. Curl your hair. Tease your hair. If you have very long or very short hair style it like you are hitting the town.
  3. Accessorize: Just because you are going naked doesn’t mean you go bare. Throw on a long dangling necklace but have it hang in back to show off your butt. Wear some earrings and a bracelet. Most of all PUT ON SOME HEELS. Go sky-high with some 6 inch Christian Louboutins. Heels make the legs look toned and long.
  4. Cover Up: Cover up all those lines, dimples and pimples. Self tanner goes a long way. I use self tanner like lotion (Neutrogena is my choice). Self tanner gives the body a lean look and a glowing complexion while hiding imperfections. I use it to hide stretch marks, veins and discolorations from the neck down. I always use a tinted moisturizer on my face. DON’T use a bronzing powder if you plan to roll around in the sack, it’s only going to mess up your sheets. You don’t want to clean when you are feeling sexy. Make sure you splash some light perfume on your sexy body.
  5. Look Confident: Stand with your shoulders back, head-up, and walk with long strides on your personal runway. People feed off of your confidence and they are drawn to you. If you are at the beach- let the sarong drop gracefully. If you are home and around your man- walk to the other side of the room and let him gaze at you as you grab a glass of water… Be subtle, but do it. People want to be with confident people.

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  1. All very good points. If you really want to break the ice next time on vacation visit a nude beach or resort. No on there knows you and that fact will make this easier. Have fun nude!

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