7 Etiquette Tips for Dating in Style

It’s warming up so that only means hot date time. YAY! To avoid making the same mistakes Vivian made in Pretty Woman– “slippery suckers,” just follow these classy steps. I promise your date will be in awe and beg for a second, third, and forth date…

1. Always wear something appropriate for the date.

Jennifer Lopez

Have some class and don’t show your a**. If your date has plans for dinner and dancing, a simple dress that is not too short or low-cut will work. Just make sure it hugs your curves and flatters your assets.

2. Don’t order the most expensive item on the menu. Stick within the price range your date orders from. Unless your date insist upon trying the expensive wine, lobster, etc. be aware of the price. Oh yeah, and EAT IT! It is so rude to order food and not eat it. Enjoy the food you just ordered. This shows your date you value his time and wallet.

3. Be a good listener and talker without vomiting your life sorrows.

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughy in How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

The first few dates are about sharing your dreams, goals, and a few laughs. Ask your date about his plans and his life. By date 4 the both of you will feel relaxed enough to truly open up. You will create a great friendship, even if you don’t get romantic sparks.

4. Keep a two drink maximum. Remember, you don’t really know this guy. The last thing you want is to be is the drunk girl he never called again.

5. If you see more forks, plates, and stemware than you can handle… Remember these tips: use the fork farthest from the plate and work your way in; tables settings are set up in this order B-M-W (Bread, Meal, Water). The bread plate is on your left side, dinner plate in the center, and water and wine glasses are on your right.

6. Always be polite. Say please, thank you, and stay OFF YOUR PHONE. Don’t even take your phone out of your purse. It’s full of germs (your phone is rarely cleaned), it’s distracting, and your date is the most important thing at that moment.

7. Bring enough money to get out of a crappy situation. Bad dates happen, but it can end very quickly when you can call a cab and get the heck out of there.

’til next time, have a wonderful week, Hotties.


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