Playboy Helped Me Value My Body

A couple of years ago my agent called and asked if I wanted to pose for Playboy. My immediate reaction was NO! My parents would kill me. My brothers would see me naked. Ugh, my dad would see my naked body. Oh gosh no! But, my agent told me I was beautiful. He said I can make a lot of money. And since I wasn’t doing The Price is Right anymore, I have to admit the money sound reeeally good. Besides, my parents always told me I was pretty and had a great body. So, like any pretty yet broke model I told my agent I would think about it.

My father always told me I was beautiful and my mother said I’m perfect just as I am. Like most young girls I believed them. Well, I believed them until Chris dumped me for another girl in the 6th grade. My self-esteem took a hit, but like most  girls and women I pick up the pieces, mend my heart, and move on to the next boyfriend. As I grew up some of those self-esteem hits were pretty hard and the broken pieces became harder to pick up and put back together, allowing little wholes for unworthy men to seep in.

Thinking of those little wholes and the money I called my close friend. We both laughed and shared stories of people who should not have seen our naked bodies. We giggled about how much we should have charged. But seriously, everything changed when someone offered me money to see my “iddy bitties” and “who ha.” All I could think about were the unworthy men that seeped in, because of my broken pieces.

At that point in my life I had already begun practicing abstinence- saving my body for my perfect man, which also made me decline the offer. Playboy made me look at how I handled my body in the past and helped me value my body a lot more. I realized my naked body was worth a lot and my legacy was worth a lot more.


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