I’m Too Hot For You

Samantha Brick

Within the last few weeks women have been coming out of the wood works telling the world how beautiful they are. Which in my opinion, is fine. Women need to sing their praises more often. We are constantly bombarded with superficial views about our bodies, hair, age, clothes, and more. To deal with the overwhelming beauty messages we (most women) spend millions of dollars trying to look youthful and beautiful, but we never praise our beauty. So, when does praising your good looks become ugly?

Samantha Brick, the british journalist who wrote about her perks for being too beautiful and how women hate her due to her looks, received overwhelming backlash from around the world. Barbara Walters even, chimed in about Brick on The View, saying “she’s not that beautiful.” OUCH! Other shows invited Brick on as a guest alongside a psychologist so they can understand her narcissistic views. DOUBLE OUCH!

Next we have Drew and Lauren of Double Take with a sort-of talk-rap song titled Hot Problems. The two teenagers sing a poppy song about the problems they face due to being attractive. OK… Of course the public reacted in normal fashion by telling them they are not hot at all. The viral video has over 2 million hits and plenty of comments, including Joel McHale calling them a six on E!’s Talk Soup.

I don’t talk about looks and most of you know I make most of my money as a model or jobs related to my looks. Many of my friends are also models and pretty hot, I guess, but we never talk about our looks. We discuss improving upon things, but never saying we are hot enough already. Talking about your looks is similar to being nouveau riche- when you got it and you are use to having it you don’t have to brag. It’s tacky and classless.

So, I leave you with the rules of being apart of the beautiful club (a la Fight Club)…

1st Rule: You do not talk about being beautiful.

2nd Rule: You DO NOT talk about being beautiful.

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