Spring Fashion Finds

March 21 marked the first full day of spring. Though our winter was mild, I am looking forward to the warm weather, lazy hot Sundays, and vacation time. If you are anything like me, you are ready to put away the sweater and boots and bring out the shorts and mini’s.

I love spring because I get to shed my heavy clothes and bring out the mini’s, so I have compiled my favorite looks and ideas for spring.


My must have for spring is a sexy white dress, a vibrant hot pink dress, high-waisted jeans, a sexy back jumper and some colored jeans. I have already started my “collection” with a hot pink dress, the Rebecca Taylor romper and yellow and  green jeans… So excited. I even made room in my closet.

I spend a lot of my summers in NYC and Connecticut. I walk the city streets in the heat, so all of the looks are breathable while I travel around the city during the day, then throw on some heels for an evening out.

Now, all I need to do is find a hot date for my cute looks.

Later, Hotties


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