March Madness

Have you ever noticed that the month of March brings the crazy out? March is in like a lion, out like a lamb. March Madness. Spring ahead in March for daylight savings. Ugh! Everything about March yells, “GET PAST THIS F***ING MONTH ALREADY!” If your life is as hectic as mine, this month is kicking your butt. I have to admit I am ready for spring flowers, the end of Marlo and Sheree  arguing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and the beginning of a relaxing beach vacation. April is weeks away, so a good drink sounds perfect right now.

So, Hotties, let’s get through this month with a little bit of help and wine knowledge. March starts off cold and snowing. When the weather is chilly we naturally eat heavier foods.  A good red wine will complement your hearty appetite. Try the Catena Zapata 2007. The Catena is aromatic,  full-bodied, with elegance. It will push away those winter blues.

As the weather begins to change try a rose’. Host a much-needed girls night in and pop open some champagne. Billecart Salmon Champagne Rose is a bone-dry, delicious wine; red fruits and a color that just hints at rosé. According to critics the acidity completes the serious and highly enjoyable wine.

End the month with my favorite kind of wine, Riesling. Chateau Saint Michelle Riesling is my favorite because its sweet with fruit flavors of lime and peach. The acidity is not strong and it compliments lighter meals and fish… since the weather is warmer now and that sexy bikini is calling.

You can purchase these drinks and more at

Enjoy responsibly, Hotties. You don’t want to be a Drunkin’ Hot Girl.

TTYL, Hotties

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