Pubic Property- Have Fun With Your Hair Down There

Have fun with your private parts. Illustration By Gloria Collazo

When I decided to write Hot Girl Etiquette I wanted to included some fun and interesting ideas for women to feel sexy, independent, healthy and wise. So, when the chapter for Personal Grooming came up, I had to include fun pubic hair options.

We all have our own ideas for our pubic hair. Some of us like our bikini lines big and fluffy, others like the earth scorched, and we still have many options in between. We have choices for styling and the process of removal, Hot Girl Etiquette is going to give you a few ideas.

Once you decide on a hair length or removal you can dye, crystallize, or shape it into a designer do. Below are some products made specifically for your tips and lips…

  • Betty Beauty is best known for bikini hair dye, but they also offer crystal letters, shapes, and hair stenciling kits.
  • Vajazzle offers crystal tattoo designs that stay on the vagina area for up to three days.
  • Foxxing is attaching a fox fur “wig”(dyed or natural color) to the skin… Luxury at it best.
  • Feathering is just like foxxing, but it’s safely gluing feathers into fun shapes and designs.

So, make your spring break, vacation, or a little visit to your man really fun.

Famous names who love designer vajaja’s… Jennifer Love Hewitt, Gucci, Pink, Lady Gaga, the list goes on.

Enjoy the sexy gallery and have some fun.


*Remember to check with your gyno or a dermatologist about the concerns related to glues and dyes before applying the products.

’til next time, Hotties… have a sexy week


  1. Thanks boo for the “designer vagina” (LOL- that rhymes) ideas!!, which look shall I choose? I can always count on “Hot Girl Etiquette” for ways to have fun yet still be a “la-day.” 🙂

  2. Hey there, I just hopped over to your website through StumbleUpon. Not somthing I would usually browse, but I enjoyed your views none the less. Thank you for making some thing worthy of reading through.

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