Step up and Lady up

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This weekend I was able to attend the Think Like a Man movie premiere. Since I read the book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, by Steve Harvey, the adaptation for the big screen is exciting. I must admit, I love the movie (but those of you who follow my personal twitter know I’m bias). The film explained how some of Harvey’s rules are put into action: The 90 day no “benefits” rule (no sex); Know his short-term and long-term goals; Have realistic expectations for a man, etc.

Even though I loved the movie and the book I had to ask myself, “Do I really have to think like man to keep a man?” I hope not. I like thinking like a lady. You should think like a lady, with some common sense. If you think about it, many of Steve Harvey’s rules are common sense if you (and I) are putting your wellbeing first. Some of his topics are:

  1. Have standards
  2. Wait three months for sex
  3. Know how he feels about you
  4. Presenting yourself as a play-thing or the marrying type

So, why are you trying to think like a man when you already know right from wrong? Start practicing putting YOU first. Ask yourself…

  1. What are my standards for myself?
  2. How will it take for me to trust my body and health with a person?
  3. Ask him how he feels about you? Does he see you as a friend or something more
  4. Does your lifestyle show the world you are serious and respectful of your body, spirit, finances, and home?

You know the answers to these questions. If you don’t, step up. Don’t man up… Lady up. If you have the eye on the prize for yourself it will be easier to spot the man about non-sense and brush him aside and keep moving without losing or step down the path of your dreams.

Have a great week, Hotties

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