Gucci on your Behind- Nothing on the Mind

My father would say, “Jordache on the behind and nothing on the mind” when he wanted to stress the importance of a good education. When I was younger his rhyme always impressed me. Since moving to Los Angeles and having a career in the entertainment industry, the truth of his aphorism sticks in my head.

Before becoming a model and actress I worked at CNN. I loved working in news. I enjoyed the fast pace, the interviews, building a show, and offering need-to-know information to the world. I needed to be knowledgable about everything related to politics, current events, literature, lifestyle, etc.

Once I decided to embark on a new career, which weighed heavily on appearance, I made sure I stayed abreast of politics and current events. I didn’t want to be the pretty dumb girl. I don’t want to be the young lady who has her nails done with the latest colors, every hair in place, lips poppin’ with gloss, knowing every designers name from Gucci to Prada and their latest handbag. I want to be smart and attractive.

I run meet a lot of women who have nothing to say. They don’t have a factual and grounded opinion on life and the world around them. Ask yourself what you have to offer besides looking cute. My suggestion is to read and experience life. Get to know the world around you.

Now, if your life goal is to stand in one place, like a mannequin, and have people look at you… don’t read, don’t venture outside your norm to experience life, don’t volunteer your time to others less fortunate than you. Just walk the halls of the local mall and wait for cat calls. Just remember beauty fades.

Your To Do List:

  1. Read the book of your religion (Bible, Koran, Torah)
  2. Read the paper everyday (hottie, Denzel Washington does)
  3. Make a list of life experiences you want to have like travel, reading to children, being apart of a play, etc.
  4. Add a vocabulary App to your phone
  5. Make a list of books you want to read this year. Start with Oprah’s book list.

Make 2012 all about you! Improve your health, beauty, and mind. Be the best you- from the inside out.

See you later, Hotties

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