New Year’s Resolution, Same Old You

Here we go again. Here come the mantra’s of  New Year- New You.

Let’s start hearing your list of what you are going to change for the new year. Are you going to lose weight? Quit smoking? Pay down your debt? Meet a new man… or lose the old one? I don’t want to sound sarcastic, but millions of Americans make new year resolutions for January and have given up on achieving those goals by February. Stop already!

Before you think I have given up on changing for the better, please know I want you to improve your life. I don’t want you to make a new year resolution, I want you to make goals. What’s difference, you ask? A resolution is a resolve to change a habit that you don’t like about your self. A goal is a plan with actions. You make a new years resolution, but you are stay the old you that is already special… just BETTER. New year- better you.

Every year I write a list of goals (resolutions). I write an overall outcome I want to see by the end of the year. I write down actions that I must do each month to work toward my year-end goal. I also write down what I should do each week to achieve my goal for the month. It looks like this:

I cheered for the Atlanta Falcons years ago. I set a goal to make the team.

Goal: Become an Atlanta Falcon Cheerleader


Prepare to audition for Atlanta Falcon Cheerleading Team.


Week 1– Contact the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleading office; ask for an application and all information related to auditions and requirements to join the team. Mark my calendar with the audition date.

Week 2– Attend 2 dance classes per week.

Week 3– Dance class twice per week. Stretch my legs everyday to make a cheerleader split and stay limber.

Week 4– Attend dance class, stretch, workout so my body can withstand a 4 hour or longer game and over 20 dance routines and rehearsals.


Stay in all dance classes, maintain body, audition and join local dance productions to work on my performance skills


Week 1– Register for online dance audition information. Contact dance schools and production offices to learn about dance clubs, groups, etc.

As you can see I accomplished my goal.

Your resolutions are really goals. Each week and month have little goals, and when you accomplish them you have little wins. The little wins help keep you on track and it gives you a push toward the next goal and the ultimate big goal. You should do this every year, month, week, day.

I also write my resolutions down and post it at my desk and on my mobile phone to remind me of what I want to accomplish every day. It works! The result is a better you. I’ll admit, I don’t accomplish every goal I set out to achieve. Sometimes I miss it, but I live by working toward improving ME, not a new me. I live by the following quote…

Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.  ~Les Brown

Happy New Year, Hotties

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