How to Make a Grand Entrance (and Exit) with Style

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Gorgeous, jaw dropping, eye-catching dress- YES!

Shoes that elongate legs, make the bootie look firm, and I can dance all night- YES!

Hair is shiny, full, and fabulous- YES!

Manicure and pedicure perfect- YES!

Make-up and skin is soft and sexy- YES!

Ready to make an entrance …. Uh, no?!

What???? All that fabulosity and you don’t know how to make an entrance? No worries. I got you covered. When you complete this read I’ll make sure every man (and woman) notices your entrance. You will also know how to leave them begging for more after your departure. These simple etiquette tips to a fashionable party entrance and exit will guarantee a New Years party memorable night- for you  and all you grace with your presence.

  1. Wear a dress that compliments your figure and you look great in it.  NOT GOOD… GREAT! To look great you must wear a memorable dress. Understand that memorable is not sleazy, revealing, flashy, etc. Most people wear black. You should wear color. Red, white, a soft blue or yellow shade. Stepping outside the LBD is a sure eye-catcher.
  2. Be fashionably late. Do not arrive on-time unless it is a small gathering or meeting a group of friends. Always arrive between 15 minutes to 30 minutes after party starts. If you are going to a club gauge the busiest hours so you arrive at or close to the peak time.
  3. Before you exit the car and enter the party make sure your make-up and hair look great. Lip gloss is poppin’, clothes are wrinkle free, and you are calm.
  4. When you enter the party stand at the entrance with head up for about 15 seconds. People naturally look toward movement, so when you enter the room eyes will be on you. Take advantage of it. Gaze straight across the room as if you are looking for a friend. Your moment to smile, gaze, and slowly remove your coat will give the other guest a chance to get a good look at you looking fabulous.
  5. With your previous gaze you should have found a “destination” to walk to. Find a friend, the bar, a table, whatever…  for you to strut across the room and settle yourself. Give a little smile or smeyes (Tyra Banks idea of smile with your eyes) as you pass people. Stop and say hello along the way and make brief conversations. Once you reach your end point stay focused on what you are doing or who you are talking to, then begin to mingle.
  6. Start small talk with friends. A compliment goes a long way. Compliment their outfit and ask about something they cherish. People love to talk about themselves and hear their own names, subconsciously. Talking about them and a little about you will make people love YOU… because they think you love them. And we all want to be liked and loved. **If you don’t know anyone start a conversation with a compliment, then introduce yourself. Follow up with, “How do you know Sarah (the host of the party)?” Listen to the response and find a common ground. Avoid yes or no questions.
  7. Keep it moving. Don’t stay in one spot or with one person too long. The more you move around the more you are seen, the more opportunities you create to meet new people or be approached by a handsome gentleman.
  8. Make a grand exit. Thank the host and bid farewell to friends in a timely manner. I rarely stay in one place for more than 2 hours… 3 tops. If you stay until someone says Last Call or Last DanceLast anything you look boring and desperate. UGH! Who would find a boring and desperate person interesting? You should have better things to do than shut down a party or a club.
  9. Most of all, have fun. Eat, drink, and be merry.


Don’t yell or talk loud. If you look good people will notice you without you saying a word.

Don’t drink too much. Know your limit and don’t become sloppy. You don’t want to be a drunkin’ hot girl.

Don’t dress too gaudy or wear revealing clothing. Pleeeeeease-look-at-me outfits are a turn off and scream desperation and a lack of finesse.

Don’t gossip. You may look great physically, but your mind is limited and ugly if you waste it on other people’s business. Only say positive things. Share the best of you and your life. If you run into the town gossip, say hello, and keep it moving.

Don’t try too hard. Have fun and relax. If you are comfortable in your own skin other people will be more comfortable around you and become more open to taking you in as a friend, girlfriend, or vision of beauty.

Happy new year, fellow hotties with etiquette.

Be safe! Have fun!

BTW– When posing for NYE pictures always have hands and mouth free of drinks and food. Food distorts your face in pictures and a glass always in hand makes the picture hard to share for years to come.


  1. Not only am I going to enter a party a little different now, but I am going to carry it over to even when I go to places like the bank or grocery store.

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