Tis the Season to Receive

WARNING! WARNING! Do NOT let your man see this post. This weeks post is about receiving gifts and how to get more of those lovely treats. So, the best way to get more diamonds and pearls is how you treat the first gift he gives you.

I will be the first to tell you I have received some truly thoughtless and crappy gifts. I once had an on-the-rocks boyfriend give me a gift of sweaters. The sweaters reeked of “last-minute find.” I am an extra small, he bought mediums and large’s. The clothes had snags and stains on them. Ugh! I promptly went to the store to return them, but saw that the store was going out of business and closing that day. LOL and shaking my head. I realized he pulled anything off the rack and tried to pass it off as a thoughtful gift (mainly because I bought him a gift before I came home from college for Christmas break). I drove to the local Goodwill® and gave them all the items and never talked to this man again. Not because he gave a bad gift, but because he thought so little of me to take any of his time to think of me in the same way I thought of him. I can admit I was hurt… AND wanted to take my gift back from him.

After growing up and dating I received wonderful gifts from my gentlemen friends. Very thoughtful gift from the heart. Some gifts I loved, and some gifts I did not love as much. The most important thing to me was not the gift… it was the thought. I loved any gift that I receive as long as it was from the heart.

I once received a gag gift from a friend. The gag gift was a pair of platform yellow faux snake-skin shoes- that I would never buy myself, let alone wear to clean the house in. When I opened the box I screamed with glee and thanked him for the lovely gift. I hated it, but for him I planned to wear them one day. He decided to record my reaction, assuming I would pout and cry and then give me my real gift on camera so he could replay my reaction. Much to his surprise I never complained. I knew to get the good gift now, and later, I had to wear a smile. I also did not want to hurt his feelings.

I know you are not reading this post to learn about appreciating a gift. You want to know about how to get more great gifts. The key to receiving is loving the first one. As long as that gift is from his heart or thought out, wear it with pride and make it sexy. Gush over every thread, stone, and metal. If you get shoes, put on the shoes before you put on those clothes (as you allow him to watch “unwittingly”. If you receive a bracelet wear it. Talk about your beautiful gift to your girlfriends… around him. Don’t brag, just mention your “appreciation” for it. Wear your new sweater on your next date with him. He will love your appreciation and buy you more. That’s how it works.

If your love gets you an item you just cannot use, fit, or wear; politely tell him how much you love it, but you need to exchange it for the right size, the proper color, etc. You must still fall in love with the item, but don’t over do it. You don’t want him to buy you the same thing next time. If the gift problem persist ask him if you can create a wish list, so his shopping will be easier.

If you are still deciding on what you want to prance around the house wearing with your sexy little thing, below are a few ideas you and he will love.

Happy holidays!


  1. Great discussion however I have a question, what type of gift or how much money should we spend when the relationship is two weeks old, six months old, 12 months old.

    1. Millie,
      Gifts are always from the heart and personal, but your finances always play a role in your gift choice. Some people can afford the iPad others have a price limit for the iPad case. I recommend giving a gift you can afford to give. Only you know that price. Second, give them something they can use and want. Go to their favorite store or buy their favorite brand. Third, attach a gift receipt. If your gift is something the receiver does not like they can return it, since it is from a store they already love.
      Hint: Look at the labels of your boyfriends clothes and shoes. What are his hobbies? A great gift is adding on to what he already has. Unless you know them well (close to a year or more) don’t introduce them to what you think they should like.

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