Stay Thin and Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner

As a working model and dancer I always have to look fit and stay in shape. As you can imagine, Thanksgiving is pretty tough when I have to maintain my figure, but with good eating techniques I can enjoy my feast without ruining my diet.

Having a great body and a healthy lifestyle begins prior to the holidays. Before, during, and after the holiday’s I workout regularly and manage my diet, by monitoring my intake. With that said I still LOVE food. I love french fries, brownies, pasta, Chick-fil-a… all of it. Yum! Mmmmm, my mouth is watering just writing about brownies and fried foods, but I digress. Even though I love food I make sure I work in my veggies and fruit.

I know you don’t want to hear about working out this week, so I’ll spare you the speech. Now that Thanksgiving is coming I will share a couple of feasting tricks I use to enjoy food and stay slender.

  1. Most Thanksgiving meals are fatty, sugar-filled, and unhealthy, which taste sooooo good. Thursday I’m not going to stress about having 2/3 of my plate filled with veggies and fruit. You should still monitor your proportions, by taking one spoon full or a serving size of turkey and the fixings.
  2. Try, try, try to eat more of the veggies than ham or turkey.
  3. Drink plenty of water during the meal. On average I take a sip of water every 1 or 2 bites of food. The water fills me up so I eat less bad food and it helps flush the food out (pardon my expression). *When you are eating healthy foods, like vegetables and fruits, do not drink water while you eat. You want the body to absorb the nutrients not wash them away.
  4. After your meal, drink mint tea or warm lemon water. Peppermint tea helps stimulate the digestive system. Lemon water acts as a detox for the body. Both help rid the body of unhealthy toxins and assist in digestion.

Now, the above tricks are what I do when I want to enjoy a big meal on set or outside of work. Remember, a diet that is salt or sugar filled, fatty, or unhealthy will only ruin your fabulous figure. Your healthy diet should include vegetables, fruit, protein, and water. If you want to have a body like Selita Ebanks or Giselle Bundchen filling your plate with healthy foods is the best choice.

**The stay thin eating technique I use is only to maintain a figure you have worked so hard to achieve, it is not a long-standing diet plan to live by.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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