Are You Holiday Booty

The holiday season is approaching us, so everyone is giddy and excited to spend time with family, gather with old friends, and slip into bed with that man who wants some holiday booty. Oh wait, that last part is wrong, right? NO!

While some of us are buying presents for loved ones or running off to fabulous holiday parties, others are sitting at home waiting for a man to make them feel warm and fuzzy inside so they are not alone. The holiday season can be tough if we do not have a special someone in our lives to share it with and make memories, but being someones booty-call for the holidays is a sure way to ruin your Christmas and New Year.

Becoming a holiday booty-call is tricky and can easily be slipped into, because you are often familiar with the person. This guy is not a man you randomly met at the club. Holiday booty guy is an old boyfriend or that guy you worked with years ago that you would flirt with. He could be a close family friend that you had a crush on since childhood. If you don’t know if you are that warm body he snuggles with, here are some telling signs you are that person.


  1. He only calls you to meet up (day or night) when he is in town for the holidays.
  2. You both had a relationship together but distance, time, school, or work pulled you apart, so he calls during the holiday’s to “check on you” just to make sure you’re okay.
  3. He never invites you to family or work holiday parties but he will invite you for a drink- alone!
  4. He never gives you a gift. If you do get a gift it is lingerie or a last-minute grab and go from a local convenient store.
  5. The obvious… He only calls you late at night when his fun-filled day is over, so he can lay next to you.

Ladies, we are better than being someones warm body to sleep next to when the weather is cold. You don’t need a seasonal man to make you feel good. The holiday season is a great time to focus on you and starting a new relationship with friends or other men. Make special arrangements with your friends and family so you can create beautiful memories and live a positive life.

If holiday booty-call guy cannot not see that you are a great person year round ditch him, he doesn’t deserve you on any day (or night).

BTW-If you are in the mood for a good laugh about booty calls rent Booty Call, with Jamie Foxx, Vivica A. Fox, and Tommy Davidson.

Happy Holiday Shopping


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