Uplift Your Spirit For Fall

The fall season is a fabulous time for most ladies. Fall fashions, fashion week, shopping for fashionable deals… Hello???!!!

Ok, ok, ok, that’s not all…

The kiddies return to school… Yes! We have a mixture of warm and cool air, so you can wear a sexy mini, show off those legs,  and wear a cute cropped leather jacket… Fabulous! We also get more of the three B’s- Bags, Boots, and Booze (I know a little crass, but I needed a B, so work with me here). Wine or a cocktail then. We’re spending more time indoors, probably sipping wine, cocktails, or coffee, right?

Though many of us are relishing in the new season, fall is tough for some women. Depression sets in because that hot summer fling is over. We get less vitamin D from the sun, so we naturally feel a little more blue. We also may feel empty nest if the children have left home. Fall also means the holidays are coming and many people anticipate loneliness during that time of year. Don’t worry. This year we will use fall to renew our spirit, not like Today Show’s Kathie Lee and Hoda, but still a lot of fun.

We are creating a LOVE LIST.

  1. The first step is to think about all the things that you love about yourself. The funny, quirky, beautiful characteristics and accomplishments that make you YOU.
  2. Now, write a list, make it long, and brag about all those great things and put it in your wallet, save it on your phone, or hang it in your bathroom or bedroom. Look at that wonderful list everyday, because we need to hear and see how great we are. We need to remind ourselves of all the selfless acts and the accomplishments we’ve made. Look at that list throughout the day, every morning, or when you are feeling down.
  3. Lastly, pick a couple of those great traits and share it with the world. If you like to read, volunteer at your local library and read to children or teach adults to read. If you like to make people laugh, sign up for a stand-up comedy class. You love to dance? Take a few burlesques dance classes and free your inner sex goddess. Too sexy for you? Teach local kids to dance. They will love you and their parents will love you too.

Sharing the best of yourself is a great feeling and will help erase that inner gloom. When you uplift your spirit you look at life differently. You begin to appreciate YOU and everything YOU have accomplished in life. When we have a love for ourselves we  feel better, we look vibrant, and we demand that the world around us treat us better.

Remember, we all have bad days, it happens- that’s life. Just because the leaves are falling doesn’t mean you have to fall apart. Fight the fall sadness and open yourself up to new possibilities, by knowing what makes you great and sharing it with the world.

Now, that we are working on our LOVE LIST, here are the best three B’s fall 2011 has to offer:

The It Bag’s, Boots, and Booze…

Cheers! Now, get out there and have some fun.

For more fall cocktails and shopping guides visit Delish and InStyle.


  1. I am definitely a Summer girl but I love my hot chocolate and smores by the fireplace in the Fall. Who makes the black and red boots? Those are cute.

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