Fall Fashion Etiquette and Rules

The passing of Labor Day weekend signifies fall is on its way and a farewell to the summer sun. Uhhh… I’m going to miss lounging at the beach, family BBQ’s,  oooohhhhh and sipping wine as I watch the sunset with a special someone. Yup, summer will be missed. But I digress… fall is coming. The arrival of fall means: colder temperatures, indoor social events, fall fashions/shopping, holiday planning, and a change in personal care. I know… it seems like a lot, but if you make an organized plan to transfer your life for fall gradually you will slip into the winter as easy as slipping on a comfy pair of Ugg® boots. Sounds cozy right? Anyway, follow these steps and September will be as cool as a summer breeze…

1) Get your highlights adjusted. Your faded summer tan will change your skin tone. Make an appointment with your hairstylist to tone down the summer highlights. A professional can help you maintain a soft look without making you look too pale or washed out.

Get the grown out blond and low-lights like SJP

2) DON”T PACK AWAY YOUR WHITES!!! That’s right. Use a couple of your white items and other summer clothes with the new fall looks to transition your wardrobe. September is often pretty warm during the first couple of weeks. I would avoid white shoes…










3) Download UrbanDaddy, Yelp, and Groupon, Salesvote, and LivingSocial to explore new places to visit with your crew or solo. You can find great deals and a new place to checkout hot guys while you sip cocoa. It’s a win-win.

4) Store those summer clothes and pull out your fall fashions. With this you can return unused summer dresses you never wore, donate old fall suits you don’t wear, and most of all GO SHOPPING to fill in the holes in your closet. The following are items every closet needs:

  • Black suit (jacket, pants, skirt)
  • Black pumps
  • 2 pairs of great fitting jeans (1 for heels, 1 for flats)
  • White clean crisp collared shirt
  • Small “diamond” studs (real or fake). Diamonds go with any outfit and makes your smile look whiter
  • Ballet Flats
  • Casual pants (not jeans or sweats)
  • Simple black dress (LBD)
  • A Party Top
  • Current/Fashionable Cardigan

5) Step up your beauty game. Now that it’s warmer you’re wearing more clothes. Your first impression will be based on the way you take care of your skin, teeth, nails, hair, and fashion. Since fashion is subjective focus on the fit. Clothes should not be too skimpy, ill-fitting, out of your age group or out of season. Adjust your makeup and skin care regimen for fall. Keep nails trimmed, filed, and clean. Hair should be clean and split ends trimmed. You can set a schedule on your phone or computer to remind you to make appointments or a personal maintenance schedule.


6) Pick up “Thank You” cards. With your charm you will be invited to a lot of parties and other social events. Dates will send you flowers, candy, diamonds (well, maybe not diamonds), and other little treats. You want to have a stack of “Thank You” cards on hand. Go to your local discount store or order personalized cards so you can send them out as soon as you want to say “thanks for being a great person in my life.” Your gracious attitude will put you on every party list when the holiday season comes along.


Until next time, ladies, stay hot and classy with Hot Girl Etiquette.




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  1. Love, love, love the fall tips from it’s OK to wear white (thank you for stressing that), to a wardrobe essentials checklist to little known facts like diamonds make teeth appear whiter (who knew)!!!:)

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