I’m Bringin’ Classy Back

Classy is on the way back in style… Not that it ever left, but it did wain from main stream trends for a little while. For the past few years acting and dressing to draw attention to yourself was on the rise. This careless attitude and style may come from the increased attention to reality shows and the people that yearn to be on them, or the “stars” that rise from the gritty rubble of desperation through the reality limelight.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We also have the people who have a fashion sense related to what will get them noticed, rather than what looks good on their body types or clothes that make them look great, smart, secure, etc…

Never-the-less, people dressing and behaving to show honor and respect for themselves was not  celebrated in mainstream media until recently. More and more public figures and celebrities are showing good taste and holding themselves to a higher standard. Kate Middleton, Tika Sumpter, and Eva Marcille are just a few beautiful young women that are showing classy is in style. Take a look…

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Kate casually dress with classy style

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Take a look at your clothing and behavior and ask yourself, “Am I dressing to define who I am or am I dressing and acting to get the wrong type of attention?”

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