Social Media Etiquette

I am asked about social media etiquette a lot. Why not? We’re always online; Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, and many others. Using social media outlets allow us to stay connected to old and new friends. Twitter gives us an avenue to stay abreast of the latest news and celebrity gossip … Not to mention getting great deals for clothes, traveling, and events. Linked In keeps us connecting with professional and networking buddies.

Although social media can be great it can also feel like a burden if you do not set your own limitations. Let friends know if you don’t like photos of yourself online. Make sure you keep your Facebook status and Tweets clean and positive. Ugly news always finds a way to the people it will offend (like your boss or the “friends” you’re gossiping about). If people write information on your page that you don’t approve, or the comments don’t represent proper conduct, erase it and let your friends know why it was erased. Inform your FB friends and followers what type of words or information you allow and do not allow on your page (case-by-case, no one wants to hear you complain or jabber on about FB comments or tweets).

Those dang chats. If you don’t like to chat turn the chat option off so no one hits you up, or can see when you are online. If you do want to chat with one person and other people want to chat with you (Hot Girls get hit up all the time by random “friends”) let them know you are not available to chat. You don’t have to respond with anything, but who likes to be ignored?

Lastly, Twitter is a tricky tit for tat connection website. One thing is true… Everyone wants to be “followed.” It feels good to have a person or group interested in what you are doing and what you have to say throughout the day. Many people want to be “followed” if they are “following” you. You don’t have to follow anyone you are not interested in, but I always send a thank you to the follower(s) to acknowledge their interest in ME.

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