Want A Do Over?

I bet Pippa Middleton wants a do over… now that pictures of her dancing in bra and hanging out in a toilet paper dress have surfaced.


Kate Middleton, duchess of Cambridge, dated and wed Prince William with the eyes of the world on her. Millions of people resisted sleep or woke up wee hours of the morning to watch the young royal couple exchange vows. Unexpectedly, Pippa Middleton, Kate’s younger sister, stole the show in a gorgeous bridesmaid gown designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. Pictures filled the internet and a Facebook page was created owed to her butt, her face has been a staple in gossip magazines since the wedding. With the Pippa craze came people (friends) wanting to profit on her image, resulting in private photos becoming public property and scandal.

Pippa is a in a unique situation… No one can determine if or when they will become a socialite or become a bride or bridesmaid in a royal wedding. But, like Pippa and many of us know that we will one day be in the public eye, by way of employment, college, and anything else we do in life after the age of 18. Also like Pippa we have taken provocative pictures, behaved in a manner that we probably wouldn’t do in front of our grandparents. Once we txt nude, have sex in the baseball stands, or simply allow a friend to take a picture of us in our bra and panties we cannot take that back. We don’t get a “do over” and neither does Pippa.

The lesson? Don’t text nude provocative pictures to boyfriends… Just call him and tell him you’ll ravish him when he get home.

If you like to party wild, have a rule- NO CAMERAS!

Best of all if you don’t want bad choices to follow you as you look for a job or meet potential mates, avoid bad behavior.

In the age of technology your choices will follow you…

Even picking your nose

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