We all love reality television. We can leave our regular lives and watch the mayhem unfold in the safe comforts of our private lives. But, does the behavior on reality have an impact on how we treat each other? The Real Housewives…, Bad Girls Club, or Keeping Up the Kardashians are entertaining shows that reward bad behavior.
The Real Housewives of D.C. brought the infamous Michaele and Tareq Salahi into our homes after they allegedly crashed a President Obama’s first state dinner. The Oxygen Network seems to always have an emotionally unstable young woman to add to the Bad Girls Club, a show that gives a television show and audience to a group of young women who seem to be personally, psychologically, and behaviorally challenged. The Kardashians, well, we all know the math; socialite life+ sex tape= reality show. Every day we can turn on the television and see people misbehaving.
Does bad behavior affect our everyday lives and how we treat each other? You may not be crashing the next White House event, but are you yelling at the barista at your local Starbucks because your drink was too hot? If someone bumps into you are you ready to fight? Are you gossiping behind your friends back simply because you want to make sure people see you s the “Queen Bee?” Recognize your subtle bad behaviors and start the new year treating people the way you want ti be treated… With respect and love.

BTW– Any reality show that changes your lovely name to HoopzLil’ Hood, or Tipsy, is not showing you respect or your parents. Stand up for whats right for you. Treat yourself with respect and love, and people will follow suit.

VH1’s Rock of Love contestants.
A fight between Amber of The Bad Girls Club
and a woman from a local club.

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