Drunkin’ Hot Girl… Really?

A good time?
Ladies I know having a drink and loosening up on the weekend is what we all work towards Monday through Friday. Not only does this girl regret partying this hard, she probably wishes her boss, her future boyfriend, and her children wouldn’t see this picture. Drinking responsibly is not just about not driving intoxicated, it’s also about not looking trashy and having a healthy lifestyle. One drink too many can move you from hottie, to nutty, to sloppy.
The key todays is to do things that you will not regret later. Now that we have the internet and immediate information you can loose yourself for a moment and the effects could last a lifetime.
Need some other reminders… or just a reason to laugh? Check out these other Drunkin’ Hot Girls (that were hot before they got drunk) http://all-funny.info/drunk-hot-girls


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