Here Comes the Sun

Many people use this month to clean and reorganize. April is a perfect month to clear out the clutter in your life and become more organized. Donate old sweaters and coats you no longer use. Return…. Yes, RETURN clothing that you bought for the winter but never used. Get your money back and use it towards a cute spring dress or sexy bikini for the beach.
Hint: I always leave the tags on my new items until I use it (remember to hold on to your receipt by making a receipt folder whether you wear the item or not).  I hold on to all receipts for one full year in case the item falls apart or does not live up to reasonable standards.
I digress, clean out your closets, clear away the dust, and refresh your mind. It’s still chilly with sprinkles and warm days throughout March; so don’t pack away everything you need for the cold days. If you begin to transition your closets now you can save your self a BIG overhaul when spring actually arrives.
Here are a few helpful ideas to end the first quarter of 2011 strong…
– Follow-up with your New Year resolutions. Make sure you’re still following your plans for the year.
– Exfoliate your body to buff away winters dry skin.
– Toss old make-up and old dark nail polish. Purchase spring colors.
– Buy a great educational/political book to read before you start working on your romantic summer reading collection.
– Organize your 2010 tax information so prepare your taxes with ease. Make your folder for 2011 taxes.
– Plan some summer getaways early so you can set some money aside for a great relaxing trip instead of waiting until the last minute. This allows you to have a great vacation without sweating about money and bills when you’re supposed to be having a great time.
BTW- April is a perfect time to kick your workout routine in to high gear. Your body will be toned and lean for the summer.
A hottie is not about being perfect. It’s about being your best self. It’s hard to be your best self if you are unorganized and your life is full of clutter.
Below are perfect spring looks and links to help you get organized.
Go to Real Simple Magazine and find products and tips to help you organize your closet for spring.
InStyle has great spring make up beauty must haves… And it’s all under $15.

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