Winter Sanity

It’s freezing outside so we all get a little antsy to get out of the brisk weather and get into some place warm. With this haste we tend to ignore common courtesies like holding open the door for others, allowing people to exit a building before you walk in, or driving patiently in bad weather.Always allow exiting people to pass through the door way first. If another person approaches the door at the same as you, hold the door. A few seconds of kindness goes a long way. Lastly, many people are wary of bad weather and take extra precautions to travel, whether it’s driving a car or crossing the street. Allow them to take their time without anger. Patients is a virtue.

Bad winter weather etiquette.

Saving Spaces… Just Wrong!
Great Winter Weather Etiquette
Grab some friends and have a good time.
Posted by HGE at 3:10 PM

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